Botox for Great Skin in Washington DC

Skin conditions can create a lot of problems in the lives of people. Having beautiful and smooth skin can surely help in enhancing the level of confidence among people, and routine skin care should definitely be followed in order to achieve the best results.

If skin problems continue, however, then it is essential to get in touch with a good dermatologist. When you search for the best cosmetic dermatology specialists, you should check out for the options of treatment provided by them, the recovery time, cost and details of the procedure and such other aspects.

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Botox Washingon DC

Botox for Wrinkles

The usual cosmetic dermatology services in DC that are provided to patients include routine skin care, skin cancer treatment, acne treatment, and Botox injections. If you suffer from any of the skin related problems like irritation, rosacea, moles, warts, rashes, psoriasis, wrinkles etc. the right and skilled dermatologists will surely assist you by providing with the right solution and treatment. The dermatologists should be able to provide with the finest and the latest medical dermatology services and the cosmetic dermatology procedures and products that they make use should be incomparable. The best comfort should also be provided to the patients during the course of the treatment.

Dermatologists should ideally assist the patients by clearing all the doubts that relates to the skin care. Considering the type of the skin and the sensitivity, effective treatment will be provided by the skillful and experienced dermatologists. The dermatologists that you choose need to be professionally trained and should have good experience so that expert treatment and suggestion will be provided by them.

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The prime goal of the dermatologists is to provide with the best service and also maintain the quality of treatment by providing with the best facilities to the patients who visit them for any kind of skin treatment. Any complicated skin problem should be dealt by them effectively and the right treatment should be provided by them, by which, the patients will be able to get their amazing skin back. The skin treatments, apart from being effective should also be provided to the patients at affordable rates.

A dermatologist should be able to provide the facility of flexible payment plans to the patients, by which, they can surely experience a lot of advantages. Overall, the best quality skin treatments should be made available to the patients at affordable rates so that people can fight against various skin problems in an effective manner.

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What are Sarcomas?

Cancerous tumors of the connective tissues are known as sarcomas. Connective tissues found in the human body include cartilage, fat, muscle, cancellous bone, and vascular or hematopietic tissues. The term “sarcoma” was derived from a Greek word which meant fleshy growth.

At the Sarcoma Oncology Center, expert oncologists provide patients with the best sarcoma treatment in Los Angeles. Learn more today!

Sarcoma Treatment Los Angeles

Sarcoma Treatment in Los Angeles

Sarcoma cancer is categorized into two types:

Soft Tissue Sarcoma:

Soft tissue sarcomas are relatively rare and account for only about 1% of the registered new cancer cases per year, even though 80% of sarcomas begin from the soft tissues. Soft tissues don’t usually cause any symptoms in the early stages.The first noticeable symptoms are painless lumps and swelling. There is an increase in pain or soreness with the eventual growth in tumor.


The only reliable method to determine if a tumor is malignant or benign is through a biopsy, which includes either an aspiration needle or surgical methods.


The treatment of soft tissue sarcoma cancer is largely dependent on the stage of the cancer.The stage is dependent on the size and grade of the tumor and if it has spread and affected the lymph nodes.The usual treatment courses followed are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

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Bone Sarcoma:

Bones are comprised of three tissues: compact tissue, cancerous tissue, and subchondral tissue. Bone cancer destroys the bone tissues. The most common types of bone sarcoma include osteosarcoma (a condition that develops in the femur and tibia), Ewing’s sarcoma (which develops in pelvis, thigh bone, and shin bone), and chondrosarcoma (which affects pelvis, upper arm bone, scapula, and more).


Early symptoms of bone sarcomas include tenderness in affected bones, which progresses into worse aches when active or during night. Other symptoms include high fever, unexplained weight loss, and sweating.


A diagnosis is done using biopsy on the suspicious tissue. At times the exams include X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, Radionuclide bone scans, and PET scans.


The major treatment procedures include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery to remove cancerous bones. At times, the bone can be reconstructed using limb-sparing surgery.

Sarcoma cancer, even though it can be life-threatening, can be cured with proper diagnosis and treatment.

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A Petite Facelift Can Rejuvenate with Less Downtime

A full facelift can take years off of your appearance, yet many people simply don’t have the time to spare for the necessary recovery. Taking this into consideration, plastic surgery expert Dr. Paul Chasan has developed a procedure he calls a petite facelift. This mini facelift procedure provides most of the results of a full facelift, but you can get back to your life in as little as two weeks!

Plastic Surgery Expert Dr. Paul Chasan

Facelift Rejuvenation in San Diego

This petite facelift procedure involves much less dissection, as it is combined with liposuction and fat transfer procedures in order to minimize the amount of incisions necessary. This revolutionary procedure can revitalize and rejuvenate the appearance without needing the lengthy amount of rest and recovery normally associated with such procedures. A petite facelift can be the perfect in-between solution for someone who wants the full effect of a facelift, rather than the temporary effects that non-invasive procedures such as Botox or dermal fillers provide, yet doesn’t necessarily want to go through a full surgical facelift.

Whether a person qualifies for a petite facelift will depend on their facial anatomy and the results of a consultation in order to determine if the procedure will provide the desired results. Petite facelifts are generally best for people in their early forties or early fifties who want a more youthful appearance but aren’t ready to commit to a full facelift.

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Petite facelifts provide long-lasting and beautiful results when performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon with the necessary experience and artistry. It is vital to choose the right plastic surgeon for the procedure, as petite facelifts require the same amount of skill and expertise as a full facelift. Make sure your face is in good hands by choosing your plastic surgeon wisely!

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Endoscopic Spinal Fusion Can Help Severe Scoliosis

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that most often strikes children and teenagers. If a person has scoliosis, it means that their spine is curved laterally, resulting in uneven shoulders and ribcage. In severe cases, a person may have trouble breathing or neurological problems.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Los Angeles

Scoliosis Treatment in Los Angeles

Generally, the best treatment for scoliosis is a back brace to straighten the spine. However, this treatment has the best results in children and teens whose skeletal structures haven’t fully matured yet. Scoliosis in an adult whose skeleton has stopped growing will most likely need a more aggressive treatment. Severe scoliosis, in which the spine curves at more than a 40 degree angle, will also usually need surgery.

Spinal fusion surgery is the method of choice for those with severe scoliosis or in those whose scoliosis hasn’t responded to conservative methods. Spinal fusion used to be a long, complex procedure where the surgeon opened the back in order to cut through muscle and tissue to get to the spine; however, modern technological advances have brought a new spinal fusion surgical technique. Endoscopic spinal fusion is a minimally invasive procedure which only requires small incisions.

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At ProMed Spine, leading spine surgeon Dr. Todd Gravori performs the best endoscopic spine surgery in Los Angeles with great success. For spinal fusion surgery, he uses either transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF), in which the incisions are placed at the back, or extreme lateral lumbar interbody fusion (XLIF), in which the incisions are placed at the side. These minimally invasive techniques provide great benefits to the patients, as they have a high success rate and result in much less post-operational pain and recovery time than traditional open-back spinal fusion, as well as leaving behind much smaller and less noticeable scars on the back or side.

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Teeth Whitening Tips from the Experts

Do you need teeth whitening help for a brighter, whiter smile? You’re in luck:  Charlotte cosmetic dentist, Dr. Patrick J. Broome, DMD, offers many different teeth whitening procedures such as Zoom teeth whitening in North Carolina.

Zoom Teeth Whitening North Carolina

With Dr. Broome’s help, you can restore your smile to its very best color and brilliance. Improving your smile can enhance your personal confidence, self-esteem, and overall mental and physical wellbeing.

After Teeth Whitening: How to Maintain Great Teeth

What you eat and what you don’t eat, greatly affects the color of your teeth. If you frequently indulge in coffee, tea, wine, or cigarettes, your teeth are likely to suffer at least some discoloration or yellowing. Cigarettes also contribute to poor gum health and gum disease. Studies also suggest a link between diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids and good oral health.

If you do suffer from discolored teeth, the good news is that discoloration is one of the most easily treatable cosmetic concerns. Teeth whitening, particularly Zoom teeth whitening, is one of the most popular services offered at Charlotte dental offices such as Dr. Broome’s Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentistry for patients seeking a whiter, brighter smile.

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Benefits of Great Oral Health

Taking great care of your teeth and gums can help improve many aspects of your life, such as:

  • Your confidence will be bolstered by your beautiful smile.
  • You will save money by avoiding costly restorative dentistry procedures such as fillings, crowns and full mouth reconstruction.
  • Avoiding gum disease may help you avoid other ailments caused or exacerbated by inflammation.

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